Private Tutoring: Math (Fully Certified)

I have tutored math students ages 9-14 for the past 2 years. I am certified to teach math, and I taught at the middle school level for 20 years. All tutoring sessions are completed via zoom. Each zoom session is scheduled separately. If additional tutoring time is requested, successive 25 minute sessions can be requested.

How do you sign up for tutoring? That’s easy. Pay for for your session, and email me at to schedule your time.

25 minutes of math tutoring

Fully certified math teacher with 20 years of middle school experience. Tutoring sessions are held via zoom. Successive tutoring sessions can be requested if more than a 25 minute block is needed.


Following is the most recent feedback from parents

Susanne P.on Sep 23

Dec 20, 2021
Ms. Commins was extremely professional and helpful. My son learned a new skill while reinforcing his knowledge of fractions.

Trish M. supportive!
Dec 16, 2021 Ms Commins accepted our request on short notice. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to keep my son engaged and motivated. She has complete mastery of math and algebra. She is cheerful and able to break down complicated equations in a simple format that my son understood. 

Terry J.

on Sep 21

If you're child despises Math like my preteen and asked to have another class with Ms. Commons you bet I rate this class 5 stars. Thank! See you next week Ms C!

Summer S.on Sep 15

Wonderful experience-I would definitely sign up for this class again!! I can’t not thank you enough for providing this type of support to students and their parents!!

Wendi B.on Sep 10

Ms. Commins helped my 11-year-old crunch.  She helped my daughter and she recommend using her again.

Sheen W.on Sep 9

She explains concepts in a simple and clear fashion. She is very supportive and positive with kids. In our case, she utilized a bunch of approaches and tools/games to help kids practice... Show More...

Heather P.on Aug 29

This meeting was very helpful for our 10 year old son. Math is something he is typically great at but when he struggles I am of no help (terrible at math myself) so I’m glad we have this... Show More...

Rebecca P.on Jun 29

Friendly, supportive and gentle. I am really happy with Ms. Commins and her approach to her tutoring. My girl can be very sensitive at times, but Ms. Commins created a comfortable... Show More...

Amy W.on May 10

This we a very helpful class for my daughter. Math was always her favorite subject but it has been difficult during the pandemic. Ms. Commins helped my daughter come out of her shell and... Show More...

Ama A.on May 7

Very helpful class with Ms. Commins. I emailed her before the class and she was able to incorporate his class assignments. She was very kind and supportive. We will be back.