It’s not just about the lesson design.

I love the fact that some people have speculated that CTM Lesson Design stands for “Chuck the Manual.”

It actually stands for “Connections Through Media,” but “Chuck the Manual Lesson Design” certainly has a nice ring to it, and it’s actually not too far off.

The site for any teacher who is being intimidated to teach in a way that discourages creativity, voice, and an awareness of what is best for each student. Using film and television, (yes, television!) proved to be one of the most effective strategies in my approach to enhancing literacy. This does not mean hitting “play” on the DVD player and putting your feet up. It means creating lessons that use the resources to which students can connect to foster genuine learning. After teaching for twenty years, I knew how to reach students, how to design effective lessons, and how to spark a love of reading and writing. I do not need a manual written by someone who has never met my students to show me how to teach.


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