Standing up for what works

Ever since I began teaching with the Twilight Zone many years ago, I realized that it was one of the most engaging educational tools I had to offer to my students. I could hear the proverbial pin drop when episodes were playing, and I never once had to ask a student to “pay attention,” or, Heaven help me, “get back on task.”

As I worked toward becoming an “experienced “teacher” as one principal called me, when I referred to myself as old, I began to note the academic benefits of this series. I was able to develop lessons on literary devices, such as mood, and foreshadowing, and students engaged in meaningful discussions about character development.

Now that I have moved beyond my twentieth year of teaching, I am amazed by this show’s application to character education. Each episode provides commentary on how we treat our fellow man. These lessons on humanity do not come in a prescribed form. They come through story and engagement.

Of course this innovative show is not the only solution to offering the level of engagement that today’s students need and deserve.

But it’s a start.





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