Why we keep going….and a note about the “F word”

Sounds desperate, doesn’t it? Let us assure you that our voices are not strengthened by desperation, but rather by the intense wish to see change.

You see, our lessons are aligned with the standards, but even better, they can stand alone as engaging, effective, and meaningful sources of learning for you and your students. They are, and we are going to use the f word here: fun!

What does that mean for you? If you are required to demonstrate an alignment with standards,  you can. If you care more about authentic learning and engagement than a set of standards designed by someone in a tiny office somewhere, then you can still use these lessons with the assurance that you are meeting the needs  you have put in place for you and your class.

What is the change we wish to see? We want to see teachers having a voice in what they teach. We want to see fun and authentic learning return to school. We want the passion of teaching to remain.

We’re done now. Thank you for listening.



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